Skynet's Glitch
Skynet's Glitch
SG's Logo
Status Active
Type Technological Empire,Intergalactic Empire
Race Glitch
Members 300+
Currency Pixels

Skynet's Glitch is a breakaway faction from the Glitch.It is very different from the rest of the glitch because it's not medieval but rather a highly-advanced society.It's founder and leader is Skynet.


Skynet's Glitch was formed by remnants of the free-thinking Glitches who abandoned their home planets because of fear of prosecution but more importantly,to find the signal being sent by Skynet.

Skynet promised the remnants that they would have a higher standard of life than their own worlds and told them to come to Gamma 60 Leo Majoris I a.The remnants did so and went there and found that Skynet was true to his words and they indeed had a higher standard of life than their former worlds.Amazed by this,the remnants started contacting lots of free-thinking Glitches and as members grew,Skynet began building vaults to house them.10 Vaults were proposed but only 3 were finished(Central Vault,Vault 01,Vault 02).

Soon after,Skynet realized that the vaults can only hold so much people and started looking for habitable planets,3 days later,he found one that is a barren wasteland but is suitable for colonization.This planet became known as Eidos.Skynet moved the capital from Terra to Eidos and lots of the glitches living underground moved there.Although,many relocated to the new planets,the Central Vault and Vault 01 and Vault 02 are still active.


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