Gamma 60 Leo Majoris I a
Gamma 60 Leo Majoris I a as seen on the Navigation Screen
Some attributes
First Lush planet
Second Harmless
Third Earth-like weather
Other attributes

Gamma 60 Leo Majoris I a or simply Terra is the former capital of Skynet's Glitch.It is the first planet discovered by Skynet.


Terra is Skynet's home planet and the first capital of Skynet's Glitch Skynet drifted into the planet after his ship broke down,he decided to find the necessary parts on the planet so he can fix his ship and move on but he soon realized that the planet could be his own home and therefore built his own house.Not soon after,he finally got the core fragments needed to repair his ship and did some quest so he can finally move to another system and gather resources,he went to a random system and found a planet.He dug down and found remains of USCM bunkers and gathered them.He realized that he could transform Terra into a new Glitch Kingdom and went back.He built a small bunker,which expanded over time and became the Central Vault.

Soon,he contacted a few glitches so they can relocate to the new planet.As the planet's population grew,a kingdom was formed called Skynet's Glitch.Many glitches heard about the new kingdom and the quality of life compared to an ordinary,medieval glitch kingdom so many glitches relocated to 'Terra'.Skynet soon realized that the bunker cannot hold them all and began building houses in the surface,however the hostile environment stopped the construction and everyone remained trapped underground.

Skynet then planned to build another vault in the nearby desert planet.He began the construction of Vault 01 and 02 and some glitches from Terra relocated to the vaults.

Eventually Eidos was discovered by Skynet and found out that it was suitable for surface building so he relocated the capital from Terra to Eidos.

Although many of the inhabitants relocated to Eidos,Terra is still an active colony and is the main base of military operations of Skynet's Glitch.


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