Alpha Glados 6571 III
Alpha Glados 6571 III 3
Alpha Glados 6571 III as seen on the Navigation Screen
Some attributes
First Barren
Second Harmless
Third Sunny weather
Other attributes

Alpha Glados 6571 III is the capital of Skynet's Glitch.The formal name of the planet is Eidos.


Alpha Glados 6571 III or Eidos was formerly a barren wasteland,discovered sometime after the abandonment of Project: Vault 03.A colonization of the planet was proposed and finally carried out 3 days after the proposal.

Eidos house

A typical house in Eidos.

Seeing potential in the new planet,Skynet decided to relocate the capital from Terra to Eidos.

Currently,the planet is experiencing rapid terraforming and construction of new buildings.


Alpha Glados 6571 III 5

Eidos as seen from space.

Alpha Glados 6571 III 2

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